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Spring Fair

Fairs and Markets / Agrifood, Handicrafts, Livestock


Spring Fair


The Spring Fair in Elizondo is the first one of the year for stockbreeders and shepherds along the Bidasoa river. They put their best local livestock on display in the market square, which is also home to a latxa ram competition and examples of Pyrenean cows and pottokas (ponies).
At the same time as the livestock fair, you can visit the numerous stalls of handcraft and food products from Baztan, witness the cutting and presentation of the first cheese of the year made with sheep's milk, and a demonstration of how it is made using traditional methods, as well as tasting a typical broth: Baztan zopa.
A very appealing idea to start the weekend.


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Practical information

  • Locality ELIZONDO ( 31700 )
  • Zone The Pyrenees
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  • Type Agrifood, Handicrafts, Livestock
  • Date
    • 19/04/2019
      2022 pending confirmation.
    • 20/04/2019
      2022 pending confirmation.
    • 26/04/2019
      2022 pending confirmation.
  • Observaciones fechas
    • Días 19, 20, 26, Bertan Baztan
    • Día 26, Feria de ganado