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Spa at Elgorriaga

Thermal-recreational facilities / Spa


Spa at Elgorriaga
Spa at Elgorriaga
Spa at Elgorriaga
Spa at Elgorriaga




At the northern end of Elgorriaga, a small village in northwest Navarre, a large country estate contains a mineral water spring. The water has the highest salt content in Europe and comes out of the rock at a temperature between 14º and 16ºC. A number of buildings in the form of a square have been built to take advantage of the benefits of these waters for people's health, and an enveloping colour has been used to achieve harmony and balance from your first contact with the place.

Massage cabins, hydromassage pools, Turkish baths, saunas, showers for different treatments, buoyancy pools, a relaxing gallery, a solarium, a gymnasium and a hotel are some of the installations to be enjoyed in Elgorriaga. The spa offers a full programme of hydrotherapy treatments, oriental massage and cabin services such as chocolate therapy or olive oil therapy, among others.


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