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Popular pilgrimages to Ujué

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Popular pilgrimages to Ujué - Ujué iglesia fortaleza
icono pie de fotoUjué iglesia fortaleza
Popular pilgrimages to Ujué - Ujué vista nocturna
icono pie de fotoUjué vista nocturna


Ujué iglesia fortaleza
According to tradition, the pilgrimages to Ujué originated in 1043 when the residents of Tafalla made a pilgrimage to Ujué to thank the Virgin for their victory in the battle against the king of Aragon.

In commemoration of that event, this is now one of the oldest and most moving pilgrimages in the whole of Navarre. It is held on the Sunday after 25th April (St. Mark's Day) and is attended by crowds of people from the town and the surrounding area.

Dressed in tunics, carrying crosses and sometimes even barefoot and in chains, the penitents march from the 'Saludo Cross' to the Sanctuary to put their prayers to the Virgin. This medieval town, which was built up on a hill that stands in isolation in the Central Zone of Navarre, is crowned by the fortified church of Santa Maria and provides a unique setting that enhances the dramatic quality of the pilgrimage.

Did you know that...?

Since the year 1607, the members of the Brotherhood of the Twelve Apostles of Tafalla have made their strange night-time pilgrimage to Ujué, at midnight on April 30th.


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  • Locality UJUÉ ( 31496 )
  • Zone The Central Zone
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