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Olentzero - Concurso de Olentzeros de Lesaka
icono pie de fotoConcurso de Olentzeros de Lesaka
Olentzero - Olentzero y Maridomingi
icono pie de fotoOlentzero y Maridomingi
Olentzero - Olentzero de Pamplona
icono pie de fotoOlentzero de Pamplona
Olentzero - Olentzero
icono pie de fotoOlentzero


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Concurso de Olentzeros de Lesaka
There has been much speculation on the origins and meaning of the name of this unusual character. Although these questions have still not been fully answered, it may possibly mean "the era of good". The character represents Christmas, so it may have referred to a solar symbol of the night of the winter solstice.

The Olentzero is good-natured, tipsy character who comes down from the mountain to announce the birth of Jesus. Sat on a chair, he is carried through the streets of various towns on Christmas Eve to the sound of txistu melodies. Sometimes children dressed in traditional local costumes and performing living representations of the Christmas Mystery accompany this famous character.

Did you know that...?

En Lesaka, este día se vive de de una forma muy especial. Por la mañana se celebra un concurso de Olentzeros de diferentes categorías en el que los participantes deben cantar mientras portan al muñeco creado por ellos mismos. Por la tarde el Olentzero ganador sale en kalejira por las calles del pueblo.



A Christmas tradition held on 24th December in many places in Navarra.

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  • Zone The Central Zone, The Pamplona Basin, The Pyrenees, The Ribera
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  • Type Christmas ceremony
  • Date
    • 24/12/2021