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The University of Navarre

The University Clinic of Navarre is a medical-hospitalisation centre characterised by its high level of medical specialisation, its constantly updated technology and personalised attention. A pioneer in the implementation of medical techniques in both Europe and around the world, it has become a national and international benchmark. Numerous acknowledgements and awards endorse its hard work.

The Clinic is a hospital with a difference. Its uniqueness lies in the following aspects:

  • Its primary target is to offer patients and their families the best medical and human treatment possible.
  • Cutting edge technology: It is a non-profit making organisation that invests all excess funds back into improving its technology facilities and into driving forward research, as these two aspects represent new opportunities and new solutions for patients. Therefore, investment in the purchase of equipment is on-going, attested by the availability of the most advanced technology in the market.
  • Research to heal: research is an integral part of its identity. In close collaboration with other University of Navarre centres and with the Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA), the Clinic is the private centre that develops the most clinical trials in Spain.
  • Internationally acclaimed medicine: human treatment, good medical practices and R&D&I endeavours made this centre outstanding with its international recognition and awards. Among others, the Clinic is accredited by the Joint Commission International, a non-profit making independent organisation dedicated to controlling the quality and safety of patients in health centres on an international level.
  • Maximum diligence and comfort: its medical service is valued for its speed and efficiency in terms of appointments, diagnosis and access to treatment. As all its specialities and technology are concentrated in a single centre, the Clinic is organised so that patients can receive their appointments, treatments and tests as quickly as possible.
  • Preventive medicine: preventing illnesses and obtaining their early diagnosis and treatment constitute the best way to live a longer and healthier life, and subsequently achieve greater efficiency and performance in patients’ working and personal lives. The University Clinic of Navarre’s medical examination is an integral and thorough examination of the patient’s state of heath, enabling the early detection of illnesses - when they are most easily cured - as well as the assessment and treatment of risk factors that may lead to the future development of illnesses.
  • Sports medicine: the sports medicine team comprises various different specialists that work and coordinate together to offer a perspective of the overall health of the athlete.  The Sports Examination at the University Clinic of Navarre is a thorough and customised examination of the cardiovascular system, as well as the organs and structures that are involved when participating in a sporting activity. Depending on the characteristics and habits of the patient, advanced or elite sports examinations are applied.
  • Elective medicine: a specialist team of surgeons as well as the very latest technological advances come together to improve physical appearance, repair bodily disorders caused by trauma, infection, tumours or congenital illnesses, and to recover the shape and function of the body. The Centre also offers aesthetic and restorative surgery and dermo-aesthetic surgery, with the help of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies.