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The strategic location of Navarre, at the extreme western end of the Pyrenees, offers the perfect characteristics both for going on gentle walks as well as tackling ascents and more difficult routes for advanced ramblers. The paths in Navarre criss-cross areas of great natural beauty and enable the rambler to discover delightful villages, interesting monuments and countryside where water is very often the main attraction.

In this section there are marked footpaths, classified as Local Footpath (marked in green and white, under 10 km) and Short Route (marked in yellow and white, between 10 and 50 km). The offer is completed with other trails with a long tradition such as St James’s Way or the Green Paths or other more recent ones such as the riverside path of the river Arga or the Ignatian Way, as well as thematic routes inspired by mushrooms, dolmens, dove cotes…

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Interesting websites with comprehensive practical information about sport in Navarre, with special reference to rambling, are:

- www.rutasnavarra.com
- www.misescapadaspornavarra.com 
- www.mendinavarra.com

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Cattered across the region are routes which will turn you into an expert on Navarre. These varied trails will take you to forests, waterfalls, caves, rivers, hermitages and dolmens. You'll scale summits, encounter birds, and discover legends.

The routes are categorised as family-friendly (take your kids along), general public (unchallenging and suitable for everyone) or experienced (for those with some hiking experience).

Choose the one that most appeals, put your hiking boots on and enjoy the awe-inspiring landscapes, contact with genuine people and rich gastronomy that will fill your backpack with a unique experience.