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Segway, quad or 4x4 routes

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are four-wheeled motorcycles of considerable power, with exceptional stability and manoeuvrability on winding terrain; it is very difficult to turn them over. There are many tracks in Navarre where you can drive them, although you have to keep an eye on the regulations governing them that are published each year by the Department of the Interior.

Another more comfortable way to discover natural landscapes is on board a four-wheel-drive off road vehicle. Travelling this way with a guide, because driving on forest trails can be subject to different restrictions, you can get an in-depth view of the area thanks to the knowledge of expert local guides.

Useful information

State guidelines
  • Law 3/1995, of 23 March, on Livestock Routes.
  • Coastal Law 22/1988, of 28 July.
  • Law 4/1989, of 27 March, on the Conservation of Natural Areas and Wild Flora and Fauna.
  • Law 43/2003, of 21 November, on the Countryside.
Regulations in use in Navarre
  • Regional Law 36/1994, of 14 February, under which the pursuit of organised motor sports and vehicular traffic in green belt areas is controlled.
    Its most relevant points can be summarised as follows:
    • Traffic not allowed:
      • cross-country or on roads less than 2 metres wide, along fire-breaks or on logging routes.
      • on expressly prohibited roads or tracks.
      • in Ecological Reserves, Nature Reserves, Natural Recreation Areas, on Cattle Tracks, the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago, historic Roman roads, the Plazaola Route, Wildlife Conservation Areas, water courses, lakes, reservoirs or wetlands.

      There may be temporary restrictions when there is a risk to the environment. Organised activities are considered those in which more than 10 vehicles take part, in which case authorisation is required.

    • Regional Law 9/1996, of 17 June, for Natural Areas in Navarre, in which such areas are defined.
    • Regional Law 19/1997, of 15 December, for Livestock Routes in Navarre.
    • Regional Order 197/2006, of 22 June, of the Environment Council, Country Planning and Accommodation, through which preventive methods were established in Navarre for forest fires in 2006. It provides guidelines on the definition of forest tracks and helps to interpret the countryside law.
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Segway is one of the latest fashions in personal transport; it could be defined as the bicycle of the 21st century. It is a means of transport that is both silent and respectful of the environment, powered by long-life lithium batteries.

It does not build up a great speed and has on-board shock absorbers and a good cushioning system to maximise stability and safety. It has two pneumatic wheels, set in parallel on a type of skateboard, with handlebars that improve the user’s sense of balance.

Easy to use, it gives good performance in wooded and on mountainous terrain, which means that it is ideal for exploring some of the most beautiful spots in Navarre: the Bardenas Reales wilderness being a good example.

As well as in the zones mentioned below, companies in the market contract their services in other parts of Navarre:

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