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Hunting and fishing

The natural diversity in Navarre makes it a paradise for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. There are many types of hunting, which have a natural relationship with the environment; big game hunting is concentrated in the Pyrenees and small game hunting in the rest of the region.

Hunting and fishing

The methods of hunting and fishing also differ according to the species and the region, with ancient forms being continued such pigeon hunting , which even today is carried out in Etxalar and which goes back to the 15th century. From high towers set in natural surroundings, the lookouts throw decoys resembling birds of prey to make the pigeons come down and so trap them in their nets. During the months of October and November there are guided tours to explain this curious method of hunting.

In the autumn season, it is mainly pigeon, thrush and woodcock that are hunted and, from September to February, wild boar, stag, deer and buck . Rabbit and hare can be also hunted throughout the length and breadth of the Navarre region, although more so in the central zone and on the Plains. Casual tourists can also go to the Valdorba Game Reserve , where they will find partridge, pheasant, woodcock and wild boar .

In terms of fishing, Navarre has over 4,700 kilometres of rivers where this pastime can be carried out. Enthusiasts can go trout fishing in the Cantabrian area and salmon fishing in River Bidasoa. Salmon must not be fished once the quota is reached, established each year to preserve the species. In the middle zone and to the south of the region, there are carp and barbel. Authorised areas for red swamp crayfish and signal crayfish are the Rivers Ebro, Arga, Aragon, Ega and Cidacos, always following the specific areas and conditions that should be consulted in the fishing plan annually published by the Department for the Environment.

There are very many reserves in Navarre for hunting as well as fishing. Each federation can advise on their location and characteristics, as well as on the number and size of catches allowed.

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