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The Pilgrim's Way through the Baztan valley: from Urdazubi/Urdax to Arre (69 km by road)

One of the ancient branches of the Pilgrim's Way crosses the Pyrenees through the Baztan valley. It was used by travellers who disembarked in the port of Bayonne to join the caravans of merchants heading for Pamplona. Forgotten for decades, this route has re-emerged strongly in recent years, perhaps thanks to its gentle relief and the natural beauty of its scenery. It also has echoes of witchcraft in a landscape that combines meadows and forests, palaces and farmhouses.

Cave of Urdazubi/Urdax: created around 14,000 years ago, it is a magic universe of stalactites and stalagmites and was home to legendary figures, warriors and smugglers.

Very close to the route, do not miss the Cave of Zugarramurdi 4.5 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Urdazubi/Urdax)

Mill at Amaiur/Maya: a refurbished flour mill that continues to function nowadays, where the visitor can buy wheat or corn flour and taste recently made talos.

Santxotena museum in Arizkun: in direct contact with Nature and the open air, the sculptor Xabier Santxotena has cut pieces in wood that represent mythological Basque figures.

Elizondo: the main town in the Baztan valley and a meeting point for its inhabitants. It is an attractive place, with noble houses with white walls, reddish ashlars, hipped roofs and wooden balconies that are reflected in the river Baztan. It also has an interesting ethnographic museum and delicious chocolate.

Viewpoint at Ziga: a great view illustrated with a stone table that indicates all the villages on the green hills that can be seen from here.

Very close to the route, do not miss the Bertiz Natural Park, at Oieregi (7.5 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Irurita)