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¿Qué te apetece?


If your plan is to get to know Navarre inside-out, we suggest some different routes that will adapt to your free days - you won’t miss a thing!


The word is that in Navarre the food is delicious, want to try it?
Beautiful landscapes, tradition and tranquillity, a perfect get-away to disconnect.
The most universal fiestas await you each year on 6th till 14th July. Shall we celebrate together?
Quality, services, professionalism and an attractive setting. Trust in Navarre.
Thanks to the historical vicissitudes of Navarre, today we can enjoy its rich artistic legacy.
Over 1000 years guiding pilgrims to Santiago, today the heart of the Way beats stronger than ever before.
If you like stones with history, you are bound to enjoy Navarre.
The kingdom of the pincho, greenery, city walls, beauty and welcoming inhabitants. Get to know the bounties of the Kingdom’s capital.
You can choose routes as you wish to discover Navarre your way.
The climatic diversity and the orography of Navarre have given way to a nature that enthrals and moves.
Thousand-year old forests, reservoirs, gorges, trails and picturesque villages form part of this Pyrenean landscape.
High peaks, flatlands and desert, and all within a 100 kilometre radius.
Countless options to make you feel alive; fill you with adrenaline or relax and enjoy the ride.


Get in tip-top condition with the best professionals and get pampered in our spa resorts.
You can cover Navarre by motorbike or rev up your engine on the Circuit of Navarre.
Remember us with a sweet after-taste by taking an artisan-made or gastronomic souvenir.